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Get Fit with Zumba

About Christine

Christine found her way into ZUMBA® Fitness over 12 years ago when she took a chance to join a ZUMBA Fitness class advertised in the local community guide for Oakville. "As a stay at home mom of 2, I was looking for an easy and effective way to shed the baby weight through dance! ZUMBA® Fitness fit the bill to a T! Amazing music and easy to follow routines had me sticking with it! Not only did I eat healthier as I saw 48lbs drop, but I met so many new people, learned dances to music I never heard before and had a blast the whole time! Since then, I've taught thousands of classes to adults and children in schools, summer camps, businesses, organizations in addition to my own drop in classes! It's been an amazing experience!" What other workout will have you laughing and smiling? A ZUMBA® Fitness class just needs to be experienced!" "12 years later, I still feel that passion, but it’s different and stronger. I have the passion to help people feel just as I did while taking classes. ZUMBA® is about having fun while feeling successful, sexy and confident and on top of that, there is the fitness aspect to the classes. You'll tone muscles and burn calories with every routine, achieving a full body workout. Working out doesn’t have to be boring! Looking into people's faces, seeing the smiles and knowing the success they are feeling is what I love the most about what I do. Come out and try a class! What have you got to lose? Move your body, sweat and have fun, that’s what ZUMBA® Fitness is all about!"

What are people saying about our classes?

We've been offering Zumba Fitness classes in Milton since 2008! We are Milton's longest serving Zumba Fitness studio!

"I was hooked on Christine's classes from the very first class, having taken other Zumba classes before I thought I had an idea of what to expect, I was blown away!"


"Christine is an amazing instructor! She is friendly and positive, she gets to know the participants and is the perfect level of enthusiastic to keep everyone pumped."


"ZUMBA® is like a drug and I was hooked after the first minute! Thanks Christine, for making ZUMBA® such a crazy-fun time for all!"