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"My body CRAVES zumba. It’s addictive, a great stress reliever and the music is intoxicating."
Classes every week in Milton Ontario!

Why Come to My Classes?

I was hooked on christine's classes from the very first class, having taken other Zumba classes before I thought I had an idea of what to expect, I was blown away! The excitement and energy in the room was contagious, everyone was smiling, cheering and sweating! Christine has a way of lighting up a room with her smile and making each participant feel noticed and special; she is incredibly motivating and encouraging. Her classes are not just fun but also interactive; she takes song requests and always makes an effort to play your favorite songs while your there. No matter the mood or energy level I walk into Christine's class with I always leave feeling invigorated, happy and ready to take on the world.

Tracy, Sept 2012

Since joining Christine’s Zumba classes in Milton over a year ago, I have found that I actually enjoy working out and getting fit! Christine’s classes are fun and she listens to her classes. Have a favourite zumba song? Just ask and she’ll play it! The best part is the flexibility to choose your own classes, 5 times per week. Christine has the most Zumba classes offered by one person in all of Milton! I strongly encourage anyone to come out to one class. There is no cost obligation but I guarantee you’ll come back time and again!

Carol, July 2012

My body CRAVES zumba. It’s addictive, a great stress reliever and the music is intoxicating. Christine, thanks for bringing SEXY to Milton!!!

Lisa, Aug 2012

I have been attending Zumba classes for a few months now and always feel energized when I leave. Christine is an amazing instructor. She is friendly and positive, she gets to know the participants and is the perfect level of enthusiastic to keep everyone pumped. I have always been someone that can find exercising boring, but never Christine's Zumba classes. There is always a balance of old and new songs so we learn more as well as have fun with the routines we know. The different styles of music allow everyone to pick a favourite. We all sweat up a storm, but the classes are so much fun it is easy to forget it is exercise. I would recommend Zumba to everyone and I would especially recommend Christine's classes!!!

Andrea, July 2012

Zumba is a way that I can express my individuality while working out! As well I love to dance it is so much fun and helps me to get some rhythm. And dancing with you Christine is a lot of fun because you have so much energy that I try to have just as much energy as you! Thanks for all the great workouts and more to come!

Sajida, June 2012

There is nothing like Zumba out there and I look forward to the madness every week. I love how the music takes over your body and all of a sudden, you are dancing! I so enjoy how Zumba incorporates hiphop, belly dancing, indian dance, and more, in addition to my favourite...latin dance! Zumba is like a drug and I was hooked after the first minute! Thanks Christine, for making Zumba such a crazy-fun time for all!

Caterina, Feb 2012

Zumba has changed my outlook on fitness and exercise. Moving to the beats of salsa, reggaeton, cumbia, merengue, bollywood and more makes it feel more like a party than the intense fitness experience that each and every class is. Christine is an outstanding instructor with endless energy and makes it even more fun than anyone could imagine! Christine's classes are the highlight of my week and I look forward to every class I go to, and leave feeling more energized, healthy and happy

Jenn, Jan 2012

From the first time I joined Christine’s class I fell in love with zumba. After pregnancy, feeling clumsy with some extra kilograms I have found zumba to be the best way to get relaxed, happy and active again. After only 4 months of classes I have lost most of extra weight and already feel better about myself. Thanks to Christine, her positive energy and attitude I know that I have finally found a great type of workout. She is not only a dedicated and talented instructor but also truly kind person. Most important what really makes Christine stand out from other instructors is that she doesn’t only teach the steps but also shares her love for zumba with everyone.

Beata, Dec 2011

When I first joined Christine's Zumba class, I was not sure what to expect. I had tried joining a Gym several times but had not succeded as did not have enough motivation to keep going. The Zumba classes turned out to be quite the opposite.Every class feels like a big party, everyone is so friendly, there are woman from different walks of life, everyone joining in , hoping to have a great workout among friends.Hard to believe you are working out so hard and having so much fun at the same time. I cannot stop smiling throughout each class, dancing feels great, it helps put that stressful day behind you and think positively about the next. Not only do you get a total body workout, you also have the pleasure of listening to great tunes and spike your confidence through the roof by learning great dance routines. Just what I needed for myself. I have managed to lose 30 pounds in the process and plan on losing a little bit more weight to reach my goal.Zumba helped me feel good about myself so eating healthy just came naturally. Most of all being part of any of Christine's classes means one will always be challenged and motivated through new dance routines, fast and slow moves. It is what I look forward to the most. Thanks so much Christine for all the effort you put into each and every class, you are a trained , passionate Zumba instructor, and I look forward to many more classes to come, Go for Zumbbbaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Eda, Nov 2011


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